Complete your controlled access system with drive loop detectors and loops.  The combined detectors and loops sense the presence of vehicles and ensure safe and functional operation.

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AELD loop detector
AELD plug-in loop detector. Easily installed into the Q400 circuit board. May be used for exit loop, safety loop and center loop (*Does NOT wor...
List Price: $299.00
Price: $149.00
Liftmaster Loop Detector
Liftmaster Plug-In Loop Detector. Easily installed into the CSW24V, CSW24V and LA500 gate operators. May be used for exit loop, safety loop and cen...
List Price: $186.00
Price: $129.00
BD Direct Burial Loop
Direct Burial loop for Concrete, Asphalt, Pave-Over and Pavers
List Price: $195.00
Price: $145.00
BD Saw Cut Loop
Saw-Cut loop for 3/16" wide saw cuts  
List Price: $195.00
Price: $145.00
Pre-Fabricated Loop
Doorking Pre-fabricated loop. installed in new driveways prior to pouring of concrete, asphalt or brick installation.
List Price: $276.00
Price: $195.00
Wire Harness For Receivers
Wire harness for 3-wire reciver
List Price: $30.00
Price: $15.99
Loop Wire
Loop Wire 500ft Spool. Highest quality wire for loops; Applied directly into driveway slit and seal
List Price: $249.00
Price: $159.00
EMX Carsense 202 Exit Sensor
EMX CarSense 202 Exit Sensor. The CarSence 202 is based on the well knows CarSense 101 design.
List Price: $399.00
Price: $199.00
EMX Carsense 303 Exit Sensor
EMX CarSense 303 underground sensor. 
List Price: $599.00
Price: $129.00
Air Hose
Air Hose For Air Switches 15ft  
Price: $89.99
Air Switch
Air Hose Switch. An alternative to an exit loop or an exit wand  
Price: $59.99
EMX Carsense Exit Sensor
EMX Exit Wand Sensor. The Carsense 101 motion detector has a sensing probe that is buried in the ground so it is not noticed by potential intr...
List Price: $595.00
Price: $299.00
Reno Loop Detector
Reno Loop Detector 110v Including wire harness
List Price: $299.00
Price: $149.00
Reno Loop Detector
Reno AX4 Loop Detector 12-24v. The best selling and most reliable detector in the market
List Price: $345.00
Price: $129.00
Reno BX Loop Detector
Reno BX4 Loop Detector 12 VDC / 24 VDC / 24 VAC. Ddual output vehicle detector that incorporates the reliable vehicle detection technology fou...
List Price: $260.00
Price: $139.00
EMX MVP Loop Detector
EMX MVP Loop Detector. Featuring an exclusive automatic voltage adjustments which eliminates the second guessing
List Price: $299.00
Price: $148.00
Reno skt11 Plug In Terminal Block
Terminal block for Reno loop detectors
List Price: $89.00
Price: $39.99
EMX SP-24 Loop Pad
EMX Surface Mounted Loop Pad. Surface Mounted Loop Pad SP-24. Best for carwashes or narrow driveways where car wheels or people cannot come in cont...
List Price: $999.00
Price: $599.99
EMX Ultra D-Tek Built In Loop Detector
EMX Ultra D-Tek Plug-In Loop Detector. Also compatible with ELITE Q400 circuit board
List Price: $299.00
Price: $119.99
EMX Vehicle Detector USVD-4X
EMX Ultrasonic Vehicle Detector. Triangular Planar Array (TPA) technology to reliably detect the presence of a vehicle in a wide variety of drive-t...
List Price: $699.00
Price: $299.00
DoorKing Loop Detector
9409-010 Doorking Plug In Dual Channel Loop Detector. Can be used for Exit, Safety or Center loop  
List Price: $599.00
Price: $249.99
DoorKing Loop Detector
9410-010 Doorking Plug In Loop Detector. These high quality loop detectors plug directly into your DoorKing operator  
List Price: $299.00
Price: $149.99
M-500 Loop Tester
Loop Tester for Underground/ Pavement/ Driveway Loops. Plug to check quality and life span of loop 
Price: $245.99
BD Loop Detector Tester
Loop Detector Tester 
List Price: $299.00
Price: $174.99
BD Pizza Roller
Pizza roller for 3/16 Saw-Cut and 135 degree wedge tool
Price: $99.00
BD Tool Kit
Saw-Cut Template
Price: $298.00
Loop Sealer
LARGE TUBE! Loop sealer for asphalt or concrete driveways. Seals driveway after saw cutting for loop
List Price: $78.00
Price: $38.99
Loop Sealer Asphalt
Loop sealer for asphalt driveways. Seal asphalt driveway after saw cutting for loop
Price: $29.99
Loop Sealer Concrete
Loop Sealer for Concrete Driveways. Seals driveway after saw cutting for loop  
Price: $14.99
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