HySecurity Slide Smart DC 15

HySecurity Slide Smart DC 15

HySecurity Slide Smart DC 15

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Manufacturer HySecurity
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List Price: $3,400.00
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HySecurity Slide Smart DC 15

*price includes a safety edge*

Have you ever driven by a very high security area? Airports, refineries, federal government buildings, all have the utmost in tough security measures to safeguard both people and the business at hand. In many cases, the top-line, highest security motors behind the scenes to operate these intensely secure gates and fixtures is the aptly named HySecurity products.

Amazingly enough, the HySecurity people have introduced a gate operator that is scaled for, and available to...you. The word to use here in terms of a home is “security conscious". Or perhaps you run a massive, industrial complex. If so, HySecurity is the key word for you in both brand name and the results you would obtain. The HySecurity Slide Smart DC15 is the product you MUST consider.

In an age where impression equates with reality, what you need is a major statement. The DC15 a formidable gate motor that not only protects, but leaps to open when those you wish access are approaching. To power that massive protection, you need the HySecurity DC15.

Using high tech, proven dependable mechanisms, the SlideSmart DC15 model  is HySecurity industrial grade system designed for the consumer. It is an electromechanical, pad-mounted slide gate operator. It is built for the the large or demanding residential, commercial, and heavy industrial applications. Ultimate reliability is maintained in the coldest, hottest, most humid, driest, saltiest, high cycle, windy, and brutal environments. Everything the world can throw at it means it certainly can protect humankind from humankind also.

This motor confidently powers open a huge 40ft long, 1,500 lb. gate at a foot per second speed. And it will do it confidently and continuously. Want the very best available? This is that gate unit.

When it comes to slide gate operators with the power needed to effectively manage your gate, look no further than this high-quality products from the team at HySecurity. Their SlideSmart DC 15 works great with residential, commercial, and industrial units, and it comes with a long list of features designed to make your life easier and safer. This gate operator contains a full DC battery backup for you to rest easy knowing it works when you need it most. Better yet, it includes a 5 year commercial warranty and a 7 year warranty for your personal residence of any size.

Place your order today to begin taking advantage of everything the SlideSmart DC 15 has to offer. If you would like more information contact Elite Gates today.




  • Max gate weight: 1,500 lb 
  • Max gate length: 40 ft
  • Solar model available
  • Limited parts warranty provided by HySecurity: 5 years / 7 years for single-family residential

*price includes a safety edge* 

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